Sunscreen: Why you should wear SPF daily

Sunscreen: Why you should wear SPF daily


Sunscreen primarily protects against the damaging effects of the sun. People often wear sunscreen in the summer or while spending a lot of time outdoors. Sunscreen is considered a MUST step in protecting your skin from sun harsh UV rays.

Today we have come up with all the answers to your questions regarding sunscreen so hold tight and keep on reading.

What exactly is SPF?

When protecting against UVB sunburn, SPF (sun protection factor) is the standard by which products are evaluated.

The SPF value shows you how long UVB rays will redden your skin with that sunscreen. If you applied SPF 30 as prescribed, you'd burn 30 times slower than without sunscreen. Higher SPFs block somewhat more UV radiations: SPF 50 blocks almost 98% of UV radiations, while SPF 100 can block approximately 99%. No sunscreen provides 100% total protection but something is better than nothing. Right?

The SPF pertains exclusively to UVB rays. Therefore, you should seek wide-ranging sunscreens that protect you from UV exposure. Keep in mind that a minimum SPF of 15 is recommended and that a higher SPF will provide you with more sun protection, and to ensure the right amount of SPF, use our Eryfotona Actinica Daily Mineral SPF 50 sunscreen or Eryfotona Ageless ultralight tinted mineral sunscreen if you want skin aging issues treated along with sun protection.

Why Is Sunscreen Important?

Spending time outdoors is beneficial as it also provides vitamin D. However, excessive unprotected sun exposure might be harmful to one's health. The most frequent cancer in the United States is skin cancer, which may be prevented by using sunscreen, which reduces your exposure to UV rays.

In addition to preventing premature skin aging, sunscreen may also help prevent sunburns. A wrinkled, age-spotted, or otherwise uneven complexion may be caused by ultraviolet UV radiation, which this product inhibits.

Why Is sunscreen necessary to apply every day?

Sunscreen is among the most efficient way to protect the skin from the sun, along with sitting in shade and wearing protective clothing. When planning outdoor activities, it is helpful to consult the local weather forecast, as it will often include information on the amount of ultraviolet radiation in the air as well as the optimal times to avoid being in the sun.

Even though the UV indices are "Moderate" (3-5 on a spectrum of 11), sunscreen is vital. UV light is still prevalent in winter. Hence the UV index should not be regarded exclusively during warmer months. A broad-spectrum sunscreen should shield the face and body from UVA and UVB rays.


How exactly would applying sunscreen protect you?

Sunscreen prevents UV radiation from reaching the skin, minimizing sunburn, skin cancer, sunspots, and anti-aging indications. You need to protect yourself from the sun since it is responsible for 90% of all skin cancers.

Chemical and physical, both sunscreens provide protection. Protecting your skin from harmful ultraviolet rays is one of the primary functions of chemical sunscreens.

Physical sunscreens contain tiny mineral particles (usually zinc oxides and titanium dioxide) that reflect and absorb UV rays. Physical and chemical sunscreens may also be utilized in a complementary approach to offer a greater sun protection factor (SPF) than doing it alone. While highly effective, this combination of body and face sunscreens is suitable for sensitive skin.

What SPF level is adequate?

Several medical groups have varied recommendations regarding how much SPF you should wear. Here are some particular guidelines:

The CDC and WHO usually recommend applying sunscreen with at least 15 percent sun protection factor (SPF). Skin Cancer Foundation recommends SPF 15 every day and SPF 30+ for sun exposure.


Hopefully, you are already aware of the significance of sunscreen to the health and beauty of your skin. But here are some of the most renowned benefits of using sunscreen.

1.    Maintains Even Skin Tone

Applying sunscreen to your face helps maintain an even complexion. Uneven skin tones may be caused by a variety of factors, including sun exposure, which can be mitigated by the use of sunscreen every day.

2.    Protects Against the Appearance of Premature Aging

Everyone desires young, luminous, and healthy-looking skin. As a result, excessive exposure to the sun may lead to the formation of lines and wrinkles. In other words, the use of sunscreen may guard against the negative consequences of premature aging and skin aging.

3.    Maintaining a Glowy Face

Sunscreen protects your skin’s radiance and glow. When sunscreen is applied, essential skin proteins such as keratin are safeguarded. These proteins are principally important for maintaining the aesthetic and functional health of the skin.

4.    Provides UV Ray Protection

A decrease in the ozone layer's ability to shield our skin from damaging UV radiation has raised our risk of sunburn. These rays are blocked by sunscreen, lowering the probability of sunburn significantly. For full-body coverage, apply about one ounce.

5.    Reduces Risk of Skin Cancer

One out of three American adults might get diagnosed with skin cancer once in their lives. Melanoma of the skin was identified in 71,943 persons in 2013, and 9394 of these instances were fatal, according to the CDC. By using sunscreen daily, your chance of developing skin cancer is decreased by half.


Sun damage accumulates over time, even if you don't know it yet. Even on overcast days and via windows, you are always exposed to UV rays, even if you do not spend a great deal of time outside. This cumulative exposure may raise the risk of developing cancer and skin damage over time. To prevent UV damage, it is advisable to apply sunscreen daily to exposed areas of skin such as the cheeks, ears, and backs of the hands.

To be on the safe side, have an extra bottle of our Eryfotona Actinica Daily Mineral SPF 50 sunscreen on hand. Along with sunscreen, Wear hats with broad brims, sunglasses, and other sun protection whenever feasible.


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